Graduation Process XIV STAI Daruttaqwa Gresik

Graduation Process XIV STAI Daruttaqwa Gresik

The Chairperson of the Daruttaqwa Islamic College, A. Syifa’ul Qulub, S.Ag. M.Ei leads the 14th Graduation Ceremony of the 2015/2016 Academic Year Program on Saturday, November 12, 2016 at GOR Petro Kimia Gresik. The total number of graduates was 145 graduates consisting of 126 Bachelor of Education and 19 Bachelor of Economics.

In this 2015/2016 academic year, 3 graduates successfully graduated cum laude. Namely 2 people from the education program and 1 more from the economic program. The event lasted for approximately 4 hours attended by several VIP invitations including a large family from Alm. KH. Moh Munawar Adnan Kholil and several kyai and habaib from Gresik and Surabaya, were also present on this occasion representatives of KOPERTAIS IV Surabaya, good government officials the executive and legislative branches of the North South Gresik region and the city which are STAIDA partners while undergoing the PPL program in the education program and also attended by several representatives from banks in Gresik including Bank Jatim, BPRS Lantabur, Bank Mitra, Bank Mandiri, Bank BRI and several other banks that have indeed become partners with STAIDA in terms of placement of students in Economic programs who undergo the PKL period.

On the occasion of the graduation this time the Chairperson of Daruttaqwa Islamic College, A. Syifa’ul Qulub, S.Ag, said in his remarks Competition that occurred in various universities in Indonesia, felt less healthy. This can be illustrated by the existence of several universities that only think of material by recruiting as many students as possible without regard to the quality of improving the performance of better services to their students. Such conditions must be very concerning for the academic world. Because, when taking their education students are not equipped with adequate knowledge, will automatically only produce graduates who are not ready to fight in the midst of globalization.

For that we will try our best to answer the needs of the community and provide the best service for students both in the development of science and moral and mental spiritual development, so that later they can create professional and dignified output.

The moment of graduation is a small part of the success for students who have been delivered to the finish line in taking a Bachelor’s degree, which is likely that most of them will continue their studies to a higher level, or return to the community to practice science which he has obtained to serve and fight in the midst of society. With the end of the graduation procession, in addition to holding a Bachelor degree, the graduates also bear the title of Alumni of STAI Daruttaqwa Gresik.

Through this honorable forum, both personally and as chairman of STAI Daruttaqwa said “Congratulations and Success” to graduates who had successfully completed their studies. It is our hope that the alumni can take an active role in the practice, service, and development of knowledge in the community, and be able to come forward to be a pioneer in building and fostering improvement in the quality of education in the communities in their respective regions. Said A. Syifa’ul Qulub as chairman of STAIDA.

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