• In 1932 AD, KH Kholil (Suci) built a pesantren known as the “K. Kholil Islamic Boarding School” of Suci Manyar Gresik. Besides teaching the religious sciences, KH. Kholil also taught martial arts and he joined forces with Hezbollah forces who contributed to expelling invaders from the beloved Indonesia. Islamic Boarding School Alumni KH. This Kholil has been widely spread in Gresik and its surroundings. For example the district of Kec. Cerme, Baked Balung, Benjeng, Sit Sampeyan, Manyar, Gresik City, Giri, Lamongan, and more from the Holy village itself. Including KH. Faqih was the founder of the Mambaus Sholihin Suci Manyar Islamic boarding school.
  • But after KH. Kholil died (TH 1961 AD). from the son of his daughter there was no one who continued the struggle in the field of Islamic boarding school, so in the end only left violated (Musholla) just left him. So in 1987M, one of the grandchildren of KH. Kholil named KH.M Munawwar Ibn Adnan Kholil who is currently and has been studying for 20 years in the lap of KH. Usman Al-Ishaqi, al-maqfurlahu, in the Jatipurwo Sawah Pulo Islamic boarding school in Surabaya, received an order from his teacher (KH. Usman and his sons: KH.Arrori, KH.Arifin, KH.Minan) to continue the struggle of KH. Kholil established a boarding school named Daruttaqwa in the village of Suci manyar Gresik. This was intended to save the exile and continue the struggle of the elders of the elders. As a “student” who always believes and wants to get useful knowledge, KH. M. Munawwar only surrendered to accept and carry out his teacher’s orders.



After the establishment of the Daruttaqwa Islamic Boarding School the establishment. KH. M. Munawwar guided and taught the santri about the yellow book with patience and perseverance. In a short time the number of santri continued to increase. In 1988 the number of santri was 75. The number of santri continued to increase so gradually and continuously built cottage rooms and lanilla facilities. Until the end of 1993 the number of santri settled in the boarding school became 425 santri.

About the educational activities carried out in this lodge until 1993 have developed in the form of:

  1. Recitation of the Book of Yellow
  2. TPQ
  3. Madrasah Diniyyah Level Ibtida`iyyah
  4. Madrasah Diniyyah Level Tsanawiyah
  5. Madrasah Diniyyah Level Aliyah


If in the previous stage the education program was still limited to Non-Formal Madrasahs, both for MI, MTs and MA levels, at this stage the school education had been established namely:

1) In the 1994/1995 academic year Tsanawiyah Daruttaqwa Madrasah was established,

2) In the 1995/1996 Academic Year Roudlotul Athfal (RA) Kindergarten was established (Muslimat 180 Daruttaqwa.

3) In the 1995/1996 Academic Year Daruttaqwa Islamic Senior High School (MA) was established.

4) In the 1996/1997 academic year Daruttaqwa Ibtida`Iyyah (MI) was established.

5) In the 1998/1999 Academic Year Started by Pioneering Daruttaqwa Islamic College (STAI). And Obtain Registered Status from the Director General of Islamic Institutional Development of the Central Religion Department of Jakarta, on March 9, 2000. Currently has a Bachelor Program in the Department of Islamic Education, D2 Program, PGSD / MI and PGTK / RA, Education Act IV.

6) 2005-2006 Academic Year, It was Established Daruttaqwa and PADU Vocational Schools.

7) 2013-2014 New Madrasas Will Be Opened, namely Middle School in Daruttaqwa 3 Islamic Boarding School in Bunder Gresik Village.

8) Future Plans for High Schools, and Public Colleges. At Daruttaqwa 3 Islamic Boarding School in Bunder Gresik Village.

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