HSN 2018; STAIDA Gresik students are ready to escort Aswaja

HSN 2018; STAIDA Gresik students are ready to escort Aswaja

Staidagresik – the peak of the national santri commemoration day is simultaneously held today, Monday / 22 / October / 2018. has entered the third year of commemoration since it was officially inaugurated by President Jokowi widodo on 22 October 2015 ago. Various activities are carried out by Islamic boarding schools and other institutions to welcome these warnings in the form of kubro istighosah, recitation of sholawat nariyah and flag ceremonies. Likewise, the Daruttaqwa Islamic College (STAIDA) Gresik is always routinely carrying out flag ceremonies at that moment. The ceremony to welcome the national santri day was carried out by STAIDA on the campus yard which was attended by all academics and students of Daruttaqwa Islamic High School. Also attending the ceremony were the santriwan and santriwati of the daruttaqwa Islamic boarding school which added to the splendor of the ceremony.

According to the chairperson of STAIDA (Afuk-read) in our country there are 2 important components which are inseparable from each other, the first is the santri and the second is the army. These 2 important components are able to address how the integrity of the country, is able to provide a positive contribution to the prosperity of the country we love. The momentum of the santri day was sparked and inaugurated by the president Ir. H. Joko Widodo is not only a ceremonial joy carried out by us as santri, it is not just an acknowledgment of the santri but this momentum is a tremendous burden for how much our khidmah to our khidmah state to the community, and the momentum to strengthen the duty of santri in guarding Aqidah ahlissunnah annahdliyah. Of course, all forms of appreciation for this attitude and positive contribution are very much awaited towards a just Indonesia, a civilized Indonesia, Indonesia that runs a ruh Islamiyah in the style of ahlussunnah waljama ‘. Our campus is kampuse wong santri, this campus is under the auspices of the Daruttaqwa Islamic Boarding School this jargon is what we always hear about there. The Daruttaqwa Islamic Boarding School, which continued to be connected to one of the founders of the Jam’iyah Nahdlatul Ulama. Of course, in our beloved hut, the spirit of the strengthening of ukhuwahunnah waljama”a and it is fitting for us to have Daruttaqwa santri and alumni guard Islamic aqeedah ala ahlussunnah waljama’ah in the Republic of Indonesia, especially in Gresik. And we need to know that what distinguishes you from the other campuses is the superiority of the santri’s character that is inherent in our behavior in society.

At the flag ceremony welcoming the santri day in 2018, a ceremonial ceremony was held to give Tahfidzul Qur’an scholarships to students of the Daruttaqwa Islamic High School, which was directly handed over by the caregivers of the Daruttaqwa Kh Islamic Boarding School. Ainul Muttaqin, M.Pd.I accompanied by the chairman of STAIDA Mr. A. Syifa’ul Qulub, S.ag, M.Ei with the hope that the ceremonial activity will be a motivation for other students to be able to excel in both the academic and non-fields -academic.

The event which was held at 16.00 was scheduled to finish at 17.00 and was closed with prayers by the Daruttaqwa Gresik Islamic Boarding School in the hope that students and students could always emulate and explore the character of the santri as they should be. (ADP_10)

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