RAPIM Kopertais IV; STAIDA Gresik Won the Best Nomination

RAPIM Kopertais IV; STAIDA Gresik Won the Best Nomination

STAIDAGRESIK.AC.ID- “Strengthening the accreditation of higher education institutions and the independence of Islamic religious colleges (PTKIS) kopertais IV in the era of industrial revolution 4.0” are the themes and issues raised at the RAPIM Kopertais Region IV this year was held at Premire Place Hotel Sidoarjo (26 to 28 April 2019). To provide superior quality education and in accordance with existing National curriculum standards, this tip is again proven by participating in STAIDA in the three-day event. .

Present at the RAPIM this time was the Chairperson of STAIDA A. Syifaul Qulub, S.Ag., M.EI., and all PTKIS Kopertais Region IV Surabaya leaders. The first day of the RAPIM, was opened by Prof. Dr. Masdar Hilmy, S. Ag., M.A., Ph.D. in his remarks, Prof. Masdar said that PTKIS must be able to be a forum for conducting learning processes with quality results and of course superior both IPTAQ and IMTAQ, this can be done if the management and services provided by universities to students are done well. of course to welcome climate change in the global industry, this theme and issue are very important we adopt as a joint discussion for the progress of PTKIS in the Kopertais IV Region in particular.

The meeting this time coincided with the 2019 Kopertais Award event. Namely the awarding as a token of appreciation to the PTKIS was considered good in management in certain fields. Praise be to God, STAIDA Gresik succeeded in getting one of the awards by becoming the best best one. First Place in the EMIS Data Management Category and PD Dikti, the cindra of the eyes was handed over directly by the chairman of Kopertais IV to the STAIDA chairman.

Besides Prof. Masdar also attended as one of the speakers, namely Suparto, S.Ag., M.Ed., Ph.D from the National Higher Education Accreditation Agency (BAN-PT). In explaining the material, he reminded that the policy direction and management of PTKIS always refers to the latest policies, especially in the implementation of Accreditation as the legality of good and correct governance recognition. He continued, PTKIS could continue to improve the quality, relevance and governance of each field in it. also present Prof. Arskal Salim GP, M.Ag who provided material related to the independence of PTKI management in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era and several other presenters.

In addition to the several points described above, this time RAPIM will also form a commission that hopes to be able to submit a number of recommendations to Kopertais IV as a follow up. Of course for the better service and quality of PTKIS. (Adp_10)

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