STAIDA itself stands on an area of 3,400 m2.. There is one leadership room, one department chair room, one administrative service room, one Lab headroom, twenty classrooms, five munaqasah rooms, one micro teaching lab room, one Language Lab room, library room, one Hall room, one mosque, one room for LPMP and LPPM, and specifically for lecturers divided into 3 settings, namely one room for permanent lecturers, one room for more than 9 lecturers (together), and one room for two lecturers for consultation.

The supporting infrastructures such as one BEM room are as wide as one futsal field, one volleyball court, and the existence of polyclinics and cooperatives that are close to the STAIDA campus facilities.

With the availability of adequate facilities and infrastructure above, the development of other facilities is very possible to always be developed to fulfill the implementation of quality education, research and other scientific activities. The infrastructure has been used efficiently to support the teaching and learning process in the context of carrying out a mission to achieve the STAIDA vision. Sustainability of procurement is guaranteed by institutional planning and procurement policies based on the principle of need (need assessment) through RAISE based on applicable regulations. Sustainability of utilization and maintenance is guaranteed by evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of utilization. Joint utilization efficiency of infrastructure is guaranteed by its own terms and regulations.

The main facilities and equipment are Micro Teaching Lab and Computer and Language Lab. In the Micro Teaching Lab there is an AC room, a set of audio visuals, 24 desk chairs, CCTV cameras, two PCs and one printer unit, one infocus unit, and one mirror for practice and simulation. While in the Computer and Language Lab there are 10 computer units, two HAP connectors, one audio visual, 10 student desk chairs and two chairs for tutors.

The Main Tools and Equipment belong to STAIDA and are maintained. Judging from the average usage, the device is used around 20 hours per week. As a supporting facility, there are 3 PC units for library operational services. The facilities and infrastructure are assets allocated in the context of empowering the department and are constantly being developed to meet the needs and sustainability in its management.

The STAIDA Library has been designed to provide ease of service with the OPAC automation program and install LAN networks between PCs. The total number of collections in the library (STAIDA) consists of 2,400 titles of textbooks, 5 accredited journals, and 1,757 thesis titles. The ratio of availability of lecture reference books. 5 titles per student and lecturer.

Campus Building

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Lecture Room One

Lecture Room Two

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Micro Teaching Laboratory


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