STAIDA Students Won the Race Champion in the framework of the 72nd TNI Anniversary

STAIDA Students Won the Race Champion in the framework of the 72nd TNI Anniversary

various universities take part in the Contest in the context of the 72nd Anniversary of the TNI College held by the Military Command 084 / Bhaskara Jaya (BJ) which starts from Tuesday to Thursday in three different places namely Gresik, Sidoarjo and Bangkalan Madura (6-8 / 6 / 2017).

The contestants in this activity were from STAI Darut Taqwa Gresik, ITS, UNAIR, STAIS Bangkalan, Hang Tuah Surabaya, UNTAG, and UNU Sidoarjo in the framework of the 72nd Anniversary of the TNI representing Participants who took the 084 / BJ Military Command representing the Kodim 0816 / Sidoarjo . Kodim 0817 / Gresik. Kodim 0826 / Pamekasan. Kodim 0827 / Sumenep. Kodim 0828 / Sampang. Kodim 0829 / Bangkalan. Kodim 0831 / East Surabaya. Kodim 0832 / South Surabaya.

Commander of the 084 / BJ Military Command Colonel Czi Denny Herman in a written speech read by the Chief of the 0829 / Bangkalan Kodim (Kasdim) Staff Major Mahmudi said “this competition is a series of several Islamic nuances held by the Army”.

The final results of the hadrah race were 1st Place from STAI Darut Taqwa Gresik Students, 2nd Place from UNU Sidoarjo Students while 3rd Place won by ITS Surabaya students.

Aside from the hadrah competition, the 084 / BJ Military Command also held a choir competition in universities in Surabaya, the Musabaqah Tilawatil Quran competition in Gresik, and Musabaqah Hifdzil Quran which was placed in Sidoarjo. And on this occasion the delegation of STAI Daruttaqwa Gresik students was again the best in the MHQ race event which was placed in the Kodim 0816 / Sidoarjo region in collaboration with the Muhamadiyah University of Sidoarjo. STAI Daruttaqwa Gresik students succeeded in getting the best 1 category of 10 juz, namely Sulaiman from the Islamic Economics study program, the best 1 category 5 juz namely sodari zuhairotun nisa ‘from Islamic Education Study Program and the best 3 categories 10 juz namely sodari haimanah sarro Agma Islamic Education Study Program. Pak H.Muslih Aris, S.Pd.I., M.Ei as a lecturer and supervisor said “this result is a pride and success for us in fostering the potential of STAI Daruttaqwa Gresik students, and they should be appreciated”.

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