The Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) is the implementing element of the Daruttaqwa Gresik Islamic College which has the task of coordinating, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of research and community service activities organized by service units, study centers, departments, sections, groups and individuals, seeking control in terms of resource use, and seeking to develop and improve the quality of research and community service.

Daruttaqwa Gresik College Academic Quality Assurance Agency has the task of coordinating, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating the activities of improving and developing education quality assurance and learning in the Daruttaqwa Gresik Islamic High School and fostering for the development and incentive improvement of educators and education staff in the Daruttaqwa Gresik Islamic College

Daruttaqwa Gresik High School Library Technical Implementation Unit is a resource center that has a very strategic function in academic activities at STAIDA, namely to support, facilitate and improve the quality of the implementation of higher education activities through information services covering aspects – aspects of information gathering, information processing, information utilization, and dissemination / dissemination of information.

Information and Communication Technology Technical Implementation Unit Daruttaqwa Gresik Islamic High School develops the latest information technology and management systems that are able to meet the management needs and access to scientific information quickly. UPT TIK STAIDA has implemented an online system in all work units in the STAIDA environment with internet access that functions for administrative services and teaching and learning processes. UPT ICT STAIDA always improves and develops website-based information technology (website) online in the form of management information systems both academic, financial and student administration that are carried out in an integrated manner.

The Archival Technical Implementation Unit of the Daruttaqwa Gresik Islamic High School is not only the backbone of the smooth running of the administrative process at STAIDA, but also serves to save valuable archives for STAIDA’s institutional and institutional history. UPT Archives STAIDA has tasks and functions for controlling and controlling archives, facilitating rediscovery of archives, security of archives, efficiency of places and facilities.

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