Public lecture STAIDA “Santri, Politics and Civilization of NKRI”

Public lecture STAIDA “Santri, Politics and Civilization of NKRI” – Daruttaqwa Islamic College (STAIDA) Gresik held a public lecture entitled “Santri’s Political Reason in Building the Civilization of the Republic of Indonesia” (02/03/2019). STAIDA presents resource persons Prof. H. M. Masud Said, SE., MM., Ph.D, who is a Professor of UNISMA and chair of the East Java Nahdlatul Ulama (ISNU) Graduate Association.

In his speech, the Chairperson of STAIDA said that public lectures were routinely held in each new academic year of lectures. “This event is a treasure for students who are at the same time santri that santri also take part in building a good civilization. Because santri politics have been very clearly illustrated and exemplified by the early saints in building this country, he also quoted an article in the Rethinking Islamic Boarding School book written by Prof. KH. Nasaruddin Umar, MA, Ph.D, according to him, political issues are a very important problem in achieving a good, peaceful and prosperous life. So the attitude that must be taken by the santri in politics is to address silently, peacefully, then smile later and not emotionally. ” He (Syifa’-read) also conveyed the reason why the theme of the public lecture this time was appointed because it was the santrilah who should have escorted and echoed not the other parties who were not of the santri background, as was the case recently. Said A. Syifa’ul Qulub as chairman of STAIDA.

The public lecture this time was opened by Daruttaqwa Islamic Boarding School stakeholders KH. Ainul Muttaqin, M.Pd.I and guided directly by KH. Ma’mun, S.Ag, who is the chairman of the ISNU PC in Gresik Regency, begins with a brief presentation on the history of the beginning of the pesantren and its role in the political struggle in the country.

Prof. Masud then delivered his lecture material clearly in Indonesian. He began by saying that he was a santri. “I am sure that from the children of the Islamic Boarding School and the Daruttaqwa Islamic High School, there are many advantages. “In terms of religious or general knowledge, morality and profession,” said Masud, smiling, greeted with applause from students and students. The program was held for approximately 2 hours, the students were very enthusiastic following the presentation delivered by the speakers by asking a number of questions raised by students. (adp_10)

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